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Welcome to the Family & Development Lab at Providence College! At the Family & Development Lab—affectionately known as FamDev—we explore the dynamic interactions between marital conflict, parent-child attachment, and parenting on child development.  To do this, we use interviews, questionnaires, videotaped observations, and games to help us better understand how family members interact with each other and how this influences growing children and adolescents.
We’re currently recruiting families with two parents (married or living together with biological, step, or adopted children) with a child between 5 and 9 years old.  Unlike most of our studies, we are currently conducting this one online, so eligible families who are interested in participating may do so from anywhere (even the comfort of your own home!).

What Do We Do?

Our research wouldn’t be possible without families like yours!  At the Family & Development Lab, our goal is to better understand how families work and how everyday interactions between family members impact child development.  To help us do so, we rely on families in our community to participate in our research.  With help from families like yours, we can learn so much about child development and everyday family interactions through activities like games, engaging in conversations about everyday topics, and simply telling us about what things are like in your family.
Sound like fun?  Register your family.