Family and Development Lab

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Welcome to the Family & Development Lab at Providence College! At the Family & Development Lab—affectionately known as FamDev—we are currently working on a developmental psychology video project and are seeking families with young children who may be interested in participating. The goal of this project is to create a library of high-quality videos demonstrating common developmental psychology tasks and concepts with young children. Essentially, your child will be asked to play games with one of our experimenters on camera to show what children their age typically think, do, and feel. Interested in learning more? You can register your family and we’ll send you details about opportunities your family qualifies for as they become available.

What Do We Do?

Our work wouldn’t be possible without families like yours! At the Family & Development Lab, our video project aims to capture children’s thoughts, feelings, and actions at various ages, and how these change over time. To help us do so, we rely on families in our community to participate in our projects. With help from families like yours, we can learn so much about child development through activities like games, engaging in conversations about everyday topics, and simply telling us about what you think. Sound like fun?  Register your family. Child and participant balancing M&Ms on their tongues during an executive function task.