Our Mission

The Department of Psychology actively advances the College’s overall mission by creating a community of scholars committed to fostering academic excellence in the spirit of the Catholic and Dominican tradition as exemplified by the call to service.

The Department offers a program of undergraduate studies which leads to a bachelor of arts degree in general psychology. The curriculum is based in contemporary psychology, encompasses a rich heritage, and aims to help students become critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and competent at using information technology in pursuit of knowledge.

Students are offered a wealth of educational opportunities which foster individual, social and intellectual growth. The curriculum, by providing opportunities to understand the biological, developmental, socio-cultural and individual aspects of behavior within diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives, integrates students’ study of psychology with their experiences in the College’s curriculum. Psychology is presented as a discipline aligned with the other sciences and anchored in rational discourse and empirical research methods, and also one that attempts to reduce human pain and suffering, redress social injustice, and enrich the human condition.

The Department of Psychology welcomes dedicated students from all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds and encourages students to value and practice rigorous and ongoing intellectual inquiry while preparing for responsible and productive lives. The Department further fosters the College’s Judeo-Christian heritage by encouraging students to apply their psychological knowledge to the benefit of humankind.