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The Psychology Major

The Psychology Department offers a bachelor of arts degree in general psychology. A major in Psychology requires completion of 12 psychology courses, totaling 39 credits.

  • Foundations: Introducing Psychology and its Methods
    • All students take three core courses, Introduction to Psychology and Research Design and Statistical Analysis I & II.
  • Breadth: Exploring Psychology from Diverse Perspectives
    • Students take at least one course from four domains: Understanding Individuals, Understanding Biological Processes, Understanding Social and Cultural Contexts, and Understanding Developmental Processes.
  • Depth: Developing Interests and Applying Research Methods to the Study of Behavior
    • Students then have the opportunity to specialize by taking at least one seminar course, one advanced laboratory course, and three electives.

The Neuroscience Certificate

The Department of Psychology offers a certificate in neuroscience in collaboration with the Department of Biology.

Four freshman psychology majors and four biology majors are accepted into the program each year. After completing Introduction to Psychology and General Biology I their first semester; students apply to the program in the spring semester of their freshman year.

Students can also earn the certificate without being formally admitted into the program if they complete all the required coursework.

Learn more about the Neuroscience Certificate

Ready to Declare a Major in Psychology?

  1. Academic Program Adjustment Form (Declarations/Changes of Major/Minor) can be requested by logging on to Cyberfriar.
  2. Once your online form is received, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with the Department of Psychology’s Chair or Assistant Chair.
  3. After your scheduled meeting, approved changes will be made on Cyberfriar.