Saaid Mendoza

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Sowa Hall 0123


Ph.D. - Social/Personality/Organizational Psychology New York University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Stereotypes & Prejudice; Implicit Bias; Gender Norms; Workplace Discrimination; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Awards and Honors:

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Vision Award Providence College

Selected Publications:

Mendoza, S. Parks-Stamm, E. (2020) Embodying the police: The effects of enclothed cognition on shooting decisions. Psychological Reports.(123), 2353-2371.

Mendoza, S. (2020) Stressing the importance of mental health in I-O courses. .(13), 544-547.

Bilotta, I. Corrington, A. Mendoza, S. Watson, I. King, E. (2019) How subtle bias infects the law. Annual Review of Law & Social Science.

Cheng, S. Mendoza, S. Ng, L. Nittrouer, C. Hebl, M. (2019) Disability in the Workplace.

Mendoza, S. Martone, L. (2019) From the classroom to the lab: How faculty can extend curriculum oriented research experiences to publish with undergraduates. Frontiers in Psychology.

Mendoza, S. DiMaria, M. (2019) Not “with her”: How gendered political slogans affect conservative women’s perceptions of female leaders. Sex Roles.

Selected Presentations:

Mendoza, S. Sierra, S. Evangeline, K. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. , San Juan, PR - "Activating bias against minorities through racialized COVID-19 language" June, 2022

Berry, T. Tiboni, H. Mendoza, S. Eastern Psychological Association. , New York, NY - "A holistic approach to combating stereotype threat in STEM among elementary children" March, 2022

Baker, A. Mendoza, S. Society for Personality and Social Psychology.. , - "The effects of imagined contact with intersectional identities" February, 2021

Mendoza, S. Gendreau, J. Phelps, N. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. , San Diego, CA - "Policing the police: The impact of body cameras on shooter bias" June, 2019

Szemko, J. Phelps, N. Gendreau, J. Royal, C. Ortiz Mendiguren, I. Mendoza, S. Association for Psychological Science. , Washington, D.C. - "Think vs. feel: A field study examining how message framing influences male support for domestic violence causes" May, 2019

Mendoza, S. Martone, L. Branham, M. Association for Psychological Science. , San Francisco, CA - "Keep calm and carry on: How implementation intentions can help reduce stereotype threat anxiety" May, 2018

Mendoza, S. DiMaria, M. Doherty, J. Political Psychology. Society for Personality & Social Psychology, San Antonio, TX - " “I’m with Her” or “Stronger Together”? How gendered slogans & political ideology affect perceptions of Hillary Clinton" January, 2017

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