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Saaid Mendoza

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Sowa Hall 0123


Ph.D. - Social/Personality/Organizational Psychology New York University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Stereotypes & Prejudice; Implicit Bias; Gender Norms; Workplace Discrimination; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Selected Publications:

Mendoza, S. Parks-Stamm, E. (2019) Embodying the police: The effects of enclothed cognition on shooting decisions. Psychological Reports.

Bilotta, I. Corrington, A. Mendoza, S. Watson, I. King, E. (2019) How subtle bias infects the law. Annual Review of Law & Social Science.

Cheng, S. Mendoza, S. Ng, L. Nittrouer, C. Hebl, M. (2019) Disability in the Workplace.

Mendoza, S. Martone, L. (2019) From the classroom to the lab: How faculty can extend curriculum oriented research experiences to publish with undergraduates. Frontiers in Psychology.

Mendoza, S. DiMaria, M. (2019) Not “with her”: How gendered political slogans affect conservative women’s perceptions of female leaders. Sex Roles.

Selected Presentations:

Mendoza, S. Gendreau, J. Phelps, N. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. , San Diego, CA - "Policing the police: The impact of body cameras on shooter bias" June, 2019

Szemko, J. Phelps, N. Gendreau, J. Royal, C. Ortiz Mendiguren, I. Mendoza, S. Association for Psychological Science. , Washington, D.C. - "Think vs. feel: A field study examining how message framing influences male support for domestic violence causes" May, 2019

Mendoza, S. Martone, L. Branham, M. Association for Psychological Science. , San Francisco, CA - "Keep calm and carry on: How implementation intentions can help reduce stereotype threat anxiety" May, 2018

Mendoza, S. DiMaria, M. Doherty, J. Political Psychology. Society for Personality & Social Psychology, San Antonio, TX - " “I’m with Her” or “Stronger Together”? How gendered slogans & political ideology affect perceptions of Hillary Clinton" January, 2017

Mendoza, S. Sheil, M. James, J. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. , Minneapolis, MN - "Embodying the Police: How Enclothed Cognition Affects Implicit Race Bias" June, 2016

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