Christopher Bloom


Contact Information:


Science Complex 107


Ph.D. - Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience; Saint Louis University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Fear, animal models of psychopathology, superstitious conditioning, affective neuroscience, anxiety, superstition

Selected Publications:

Rauch, S. Strobel, C. Bella, M. Zachary, O. Bloom, C. (2014) Face to face VS Facebook: Does exposure to social networking we sites augment or attenuate physiological arousal among the socially anxious?. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking..(17), 1239-1248.

Post, R. Dahlborg, K. O'Loughlin, L. Bloom, C. (2014) Effects of juvenile exposure to predator odor on adolescent and adult anxiety and pain nociception. Physiology & Behavior.(131), 57-61.

Bloom, C. Post, R. Blumenthal, B. Doyle, C. Peters, B. Mazick, J. (2013) The discriminated punishment model of phobia.. Neuropsychiatric Disease & Treatment.1239-1248.

Sheehan, K. Van Reet, J. Bloom, C. (2012) Measuring preschoolers’ superstitious tendencies. Behavioural Processes.(91), 172-176.

Bloom, C. Holly, S. , . (2011) Toward new avenues in the treatment of non-suicidal self-injury.. The Journal of Pharmacy & Practice.(25), 472-477.

Selected Presentations:

Bloom, C. Association for Psychological Science. , Chicago, IL - "Poster: A Novel Animal Model of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI)" May, 2012

Bloom, C. International Society for the Study of Self-Injury. , New York City, NY - "A novel animal model for the exploration of neurochemical factors in NSSI" June, 2011

Bloom, C. Association of Psychological Science. , Washington, DC - "Phobias: Discriminated Punishment Versus Avoidance; Poster: The Role of Environmental Stressors in Stimulant Elicited Self-Injurious Behaviors" May, 2011

Bloom, C. Eastern Psychological Association (EPA). , Boston, MA - "" March, 2011

Bloom, C. Eastern Psychological Association. , Brooklyn, NY - "Self-injurious behavior vs. Non-suicidal self-injury: The CNS stimulant Pemoline as a model of self-destructive behavior" March, 2010

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