Jennifer Van Reet

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Koffler Hall


Ph.D. - Psychology; University of Virginia

Area(s) of Expertise:

Early cognitive development, pretense and imagination, executive functioning in children Check out my interview for the Providence College Podcast:

Selected Publications:

Sheehan, K. Van Reet, J. Bloom, C. Measuring preschoolers’ superstitious tendencies. Behavioural Processes.(91), 172-176.

Selected Presentations:

Van Reet, J. Cognitive Development Society. , Memphis, TN - "Posters: The Status of Moral Reasoning in Children's Understanding of the Pretense-Reality Distinction & The Effect of Inhibitory Control on Preschoolers' Prosocial Behavior" October, 2013

Van Reet, J. Eastern Psychological Association. , New York, NY - "Preschoolers' Understanding of Pretense Affects Trust of Unfamiliar Pretenders" March, 2013

Van Reet, J. Association for Psychological Science. , Chicago, IL - "Poster: Measuring the Representation of Pretend Object Substitutions" May, 2012

Van Reet, J. Cognitive Development Society. , Philadelphia, PA - "Poster: Specifying the Relationship Between Pretense and Inhibitory Control in Preschoolers" October, 2011

Van Reet, J. Association for Psychological Science. , Washington, DC - "Inhibitory Control Facilitates Pretense Quality in Young Preschoolers & Children's Superstitious Tendencies: Three-to 5-Year-Old's Illusory Associations on a Touch-screen Task" May, 2011

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