Jennifer Van Reet


Contact Information:


Sowa Hall 0122


Ph.D. - Psychology; University of Virginia

Area(s) of Expertise:

Early cognitive development, pretense and imagination, executive functioning in children

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Selected Publications:

Fast, A. Van Reet, J. (2018) Preschool children transfer real-world moral reasoning into pretense. Cognitive Development.(45),

Van Reet, J. (2016) The development of representations of pretend object substitutions. The Journal of Genetic Psychology.(177),

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Sheehan, K. Van Reet, J. Bloom, C. (2012) Measuring preschoolers’ superstitious tendencies. Behavioural Processes.(91), 172-176.

Selected Presentations:

Zhang, L. Van Reet, J. American Educational Research Association. , - "What Constructs “Knowledge”? Detaching Instructional Effects of “Playing” and “Telling” on Learning of Science Concepts" April, 2019

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