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Meet the Kid Think Team

We have a remarkable group of people affiliated with Kid Think.  Read a little about them and their childhood favorites below! 

Jennifer Van Reet, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Dr. Van Reet is an associate professor of psychology at Providence College, specializing in how our minds develop throughout childhood and into adulthood. She started Kid Think in the fall of 2008 to give her studies a home at PC and to give students interested in learning more about development a place to train. Growing up, she read every Nancy Drew book she could get her hands on. These days, if she was a children’s character, she would be Owl from Winnie-the-Pooh.

Spring 2018

Adriana Acerra, ’19. Adriana is a biology and psychology double major. She loves working with kids and is excited to be a part of the Kid Think team this year!

Danielle Caddick ’18. Danielle is a Psychology major, additionally earning a Business Studies certificate. She loves working with children and hopes to further her education in Developmental Psychology. She looks forwards to the new research being conducted in lab this year!

Sarah Maley, ’18. Sarah is a Psychology and Spanish dual major that is looking forward to her final semester at Providence College. Next year, Sarah is hoping to pursue a Masters in School Counseling. She is excited to take part in daily KidThink activities and research.

Caitlin Shanley ’18. Caitlin is a Psychology major with a French minor in the Liberal Arts Honors Program.

Emily Ventura ’18. Emily is a Psychology major. She hopes to one day become a Speech-Language Pathologist. Emily loves working with kids especially in the summer as a Camp Counselor.

Josette Tugander ’19. Josette is a Psychology major in the Liberal Arts Honors Program. She is excited to have the opportunity to work in the lab this year as it allows her to combine her love of working with children and her interest in Psychology. She is looking forward to a great year at Kid Think!
Charlotte Tully, 19. Charlotte is an Elementary/Special Education and Psychology double major. She really enjoys working with children and is completing her Special Education practicum this semester. She is really excited for another great semester at Kid Think.
Alissa Whitten, ’19.

And, meet our Friends!


Annie Fast ’13. Annie is now earning her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Washington. She and Dr. Van Reet are following up on her senior thesis project on preschool children’s morality in pretense.

Angeline Lillard, Ph.D., University of Virginia

David Sobel, Ph.D., Principal Investigator of the Mind and Causality Lab, Brown University

Kid Think Alumni

Katie Boguszewski ’11. Katie spent some time working toward her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Virginia.

Danielle Colabatistto ’16. Danielle’s senior thesis explore the role of fantasy in school age children’s math learning. She is now earning a Masters in School Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Amanda Colletti ‘09. After several years working as a research assistant in Providence, Amanda earned her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy at URI.

Sarah Conway ‘09. Sarah’s senior thesis on children’s drawing and attention abilities was presented at a conference the year after she graduated.

Alex Cribbin ’14. Alex earned a Master’s in Art Therapy. She now works as an In-Home Therapist at Justice Resource Institute.

Mikaila Christopher ’17Mikaila’s senior thesis investigated if children can learn false emotions through pretend play. She is beginning a position as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry in the Gerontology Unit.

Rosie DeRienzo ’15. Rosie’s senior thesis examined whether children could learn prosocial behaviors from fantastical stories. She is now earning a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Cambridge College.

Emma Duffy ’16. Emma just wrapped up a year in the City Year program in Boston.

Lauren Elia ’16. Lauren plans to pursue a law degree.

Michaela Fahey ’16. Michaela’s senior thesis tested whether preschoolers can learn vocabulary in pretend play. She is now earning a graduate degree in speech language pathology at the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Vanessa Fiasconaro ’12. Vanessa is a teacher in New York City and earned her Master’s Degree in Education at Hunter College.

Laura Filloramo ’10. Laura earned her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at St. Joseph’s College in Connecticut.

Gabriella Galeazzi ’15. Gabbi’s senior thesis explored whether children remember more or less from fantastical stories. She earned a Masters in Counseling at Boston College.

Kathryn Graf ’14. Kathryn’s senior thesis explored the nuanced relationship between adolescent inhibitory control and abstract reasoning. She is working towards a Masters in Nursing.

Christina Lavigne, ’13. Christina’s senior thesis project investigated the relationship between inhibitory control and anxiety in middle childhood. She is now taking some time off before pursuing a graduate degree.

Ana León ’16. Ana’s independent study explored children’s understanding of ownership transfers. She is now earning a Masters degree in Neuroscience and Education at Columbia University.

Colleen McInnis ’12.  After serving as a research assistant and then Lab Manager, Colleen completed her own independent project to examine potential differences between pretending and fantasy. She is now working with a company that helps students study abroad.

Beth Moriarty ’12. Beth earned her Master’s Degree in School Psychology at Tufts University.

Kelly Murner ’15. Kelly hopes to pursue a graduate degree in school or educational psychology. Her senior thesis investigated how to encourage school-age children to be incremental learners.

Anna Roy ’17.  Anna hopes to continue her studies in applied psychology.Jamie Russo ’17.  Jamie is beginning a year of service with City Year in Boston.

Victoria Sanborn ’15.  Victoria’s senior thesis was a critical review of why pretending is difficult for autistic children. She is pursuing a degree in clinical psychology.

Kelly Sheehan ’11. Kelly is continuing her studies of child development! She earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Northwestern University, working primarily in David Uttal’s lab. She is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center on Media and Human Development.

Cristina Taylor ’14. Cristina is pursuing a degree in medicine, hoping to specialize in child and adolescent mental health.

Arielle Wezdenko ’13. Arielle’s senior thesis found that children’s prosocial behavior is affected by their inhibitory control. She recently earned a Master’s in School Psychology at Northeastern University.