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What is a Typical Visit Like?

When your child is eligible for one of our projects, we will contact you by phone or email and explain the project to you in detail. If you decide you would like to participate, we will schedule a time for you to come to Providence College that is convenient for you and your child.

How long do appointments last?

Each visits usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

I work full-time, so I can’t come during the day.

No problem! We have weekend and evening appointments available.

Where are you located? Is it hard to find? Is there parking?

We are located at Providence College in Koffler Hall. We will send you detailed directions and a map when you make an appointment. We have a parking space reserved right next to our building. We will be in the parking lot waiting for you, helping you to park and walking you into the building.

What will my child do?

Children meet our staff in our play area and are given as much time as they need to get comfortable with the room and the researchers. Then, if they want to, they move with an researcher to a table in our testing area. There the researcher will guide them through a series of games (like Simon Says) and ask them questions (“What’s your favorite toy?”). Children don’t have to participate in any game they don’t like or answer any question they don’t want to.

What will I do?

When you arrive, a researcher will explain the study to you and you will have as much time as your like to ask questions. If you choose to have your child participate, we will ask you to complete a little bit of paperwork. Then, if your child is ready, we will begin the study!

Will I have to leave my child?

Absolutely not. You can stay with your child the whole time or watch the study through a window.

Do I get anything for participating?

Children always get a prize when they visit! For most of our projects, we do not provide any other compensation. But, occasionally, for some studies that are especially long or involve at-home participation, we do provide limited compensation. We will let you know when we explain the study whether it involves compensation or not.

What if I change my mind about participating in the study?

You or your child can stop at any time, for any reason. If you want to withdraw your child from the study even after your visit, just contact us by phone or email and we will delete your child’s information immediately.